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International Indian

Public School


Special Care Centre

The International Indian Public School (IIPS)& Special Care Centre-Riyadh is a CBSE affiliated English medium school for Indian students. IIPS aims to provide a positive learning environment that is stimulating and enjoyable. It is our goal to provide an atmosphere conductive for academic, social and emotional growth of the child and to develop a love for learning. The school currently offers classes from Nursery to Grade XII.

Special Care Centre (SCC) , a centre for children with special needs is attached to IIPS, we provide various activities and therapeutic services for their overall development.

Aim of the Special Care Centre :

  • Provide an environment that is conducive to children’s self expression and development.
  • Provides evaluation and implements Special Education Programme according to the needs of the children.
  • Provides pre-vocational and vocational training to children.
  • Therapeutic services to children.
  • Provide family guidance and counseling services.


Special Care Centre (S.C.C) is an integral part of the International Indian Public School. The Centre provides Special Education and primary rehabilitation to differently anled students of special needs like Autism, Down Syndrome, Hydrocephalus, Dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), learning disability etc.

  • Provide an environment that is conducive to children's expression and development.
  • Provide evaluation and implement Special Education Programmes according to the needs of the children.
  • Prevocational and vocational training to children
  • Speech therapy and Physiotherapy services to the children
  • Offer counselling services


The Centre looks forward to growth and progress in leaps and bounds, not in the form of new enrollments - but in providing quality education and rehabilitation to the special children.


The educational and training structure is based on Individual Education Plan (IEP), Behaviour Modification, personal attention and parental involvement. The IEP is developed by the teachers and Therapists. IEPs are made each term which include objectives to suit the student's individual needs. Progress is continually monitored throughout the term. To take advantage of the benefits of personal attention classes consist of 6 students led by a teacher. Individualized therapeutic sessions allow for concentration on the objective set forth in the IEP. At the centre we encourage parents to involve themselves in the Centre's program working alongside the teachers and therapistas.


Activities in the Centre revolve around daily assembly, physical exercises, self-help skills, cognitive development, academic studies, pre-vocational skills, speech and language development, physiotherapy, play, sensory simulation, educational and recreational visits.

Integration and Inclusion

Apart from helping them to overcome their limitations the Special Care students are trained academically so that they can be integrated in the mainstream. IIPS and SSC work hand in hand and we take great pride in the fact that many students from the Centre have been integrated along with the school children as a part of our Integration and Inclusion program.

Networking with External Agencies

Over the past many years, many of the well-wishers have donated resources financially and in kind, and offered their contributions for the development of the Centre. Earlier, many fund raising activities were organized like fun-fair, bazaars, etc., to create awareness of Special Children amongst the society, to involve the people in such activities by way of seeking their contributions / sponsorships and to sell products made by children of the Special Care Centre. 

Many prominent professionals and eminent personalities, concerned with Special Children, have offered their services by way of conducting training programs for teachers and parents on various topics like autism, speech therapy, Dyslexia, ADD, etc., and organized seminars and symposiums.