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International Indian

Public School



School Curriculum

International Indian Public School follows a curriculum designed and developed by CBSE's New Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The curriculum is designed to nurtures academic excellence, encourages the students to become independent and fosters multilingual and multicultural learning. CBSE's curriculum strives to provide opportunities for students to achieve excellence in learning as envisioned in the National Education Policy. The curriculum is child-centered and activity-oriented with reinforcement of academics using innovative methods.

As per the new school education system outlined in NEP 2020, children will spend 5 years in the Foundational stage, 3 years in the Preparatory stage, 3 years in the Middle stage and 4 years in the Secondary stage.

The division of stages has been made in line with the kind of cognitive development stages that a child goes through early childhood, school years and secondary stage.

Kindergarten (Nursery to KG-2)

The Foundational stage of education is a crucial time in a child's development because this period lays the foundations for the child's learning and well-being throughout their life. It is therefore considered to be the most important phase of development in life, that which shapes the adults and consequently the society of tomorrow. The curriculum for the Foundation stage focus on teaching in play-based or activity-based methods and on the development of language skills.

Nursery English
Mathematics EVS GK
LKG English Mathematics EVS GK
UKG English Mathematics EVS Hindi GK

Primary School (Grade I To Grade III)

Our Primary School aims to build learners with a positive attitude, create lifelong learners who enjoy learning to learn and craft confident individuals who are able to live healthy and productive lives.

Subjects in the Primary:-

Grade I English EVS  Mathematics  Hindi
Grade II English  EVS Mathematics  Hindi
Grade III English  EVS Mathematics  Hindi  III Language

Extra-curricular Activities in the Primary School includes Sports, Music and Art.

Middle School (Grade VI- Grade VIII)

Our school provides opportunities to Empower individuals with good citizenship values, strengthen the learner with Life Skills Education, equip learners to face challenges of the present world and prepare confident individuals with strong physical and emotional health.

Grade IV English EVS
Mathematics  Hindi III Language
Grade V English Science Mathamatics Hindi III Language Social Science
Grade VI English Science Mathematics Hindi III Language Social Science
Grade VII English Science Mathematics Hindi III Language Social Science
Grade VIII English Science Mathematics Hindi III Language Social Science

Secondary School (Grade IX - XII)

International Indian Public School focus on enhancing the skills required for a successful adult life in 21st Century. It is important that the students are able to think scientifically, mathematically or artistically to face the real-life challenges in an information and technology driven world and enhance their inherent potential.

Grade IX English Science Mathematics  Language II Social Science
Grade X English
Science Mathematics Language II Social Science
Grade XI English
Chemistry Computer Science/P.Ed Biology Mathematics / Home Science Physics
Grade XII English
Chemistry Computer Science/P.Ed Biology Mathematics / Home Science Physics


In addition to the standards of excellence in academics, we have a range of co-curricular and extra curricular activities to give an opportunity to the child to identify and develop talents and interests in various spheres for overall personality development.

Academic Year

The academic year is from April to March of the following year, and is divided into two semesters.