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International Indian

Public School



The Managing Committee of the school is a parent body. It formulates the policies and guidelines for the smooth functioning of the school. It is an efficient body which is always striving to facilitate the up gradation of standards of the school. The school is headed by an experienced, optimistic Principal who is the source of guidance to the institution.

The excellent reputation of IIPS is a direct result of its superior staff. The staff at IIPS consists of professionals who are committed to enriching the learning experience of their students. Staff members are carefully selected not only for their academic qualifications and experience, but as importantly for their dynamic abilities to relate to each individual student in a potent, sensitive and understanding manner.

We believe that within the mind of every child lies the abilities of an Einstein, a Van Gogh or a Shakespeare. Finding the keys to unleashing those abilities is one of our fundamental goals. Each child is unique and we recognize that they learn at their own pace and in their own way. Every student’s style of learning is identified through close observation, attention to the students’ needs, and most importantly individual time with the teachers.