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Circular: Timetable and Portion for IV th Unit Test (II Term) for Grade I 2018 – 2019


Grade I

 Timetable and Portion for IV Unit Test (II Term) 2018 – 2019

Time Table:

Date Day Subject
27/01/19 Sunday E.V.S
28/01/19 Monday English
29/01/19 Tuesday Hindi
30/01/19 Wednesday Mathematics

English:          C.BL-9 – Winter. (C.B Q/ A Pg.87 (Ex- A & B), CB Exercise Pg.88 (Ex – A), (Make Sentences done in NB only).

Grammar: Adjectives, Opposites and was / were

Mathematics : Addition by carrying, Addition of coins, Backward counting (200 – 100)


EVS:               Unit – 6:          Lesson – 21 Amazing world of Animals

                        Lesson – 22 Animals and their Homes

                        Lesson – 23 Food of Animals

                        {CBK Pg. -76(Ex-A) & All work done in NBK}


Hindi:              ऐ और ओ की मात्रा  {Q / Ans, Fill in the blanks, Make sentences, Word Meanings}  Grammar :- गिनती (1 to 10)     


Class Teacher

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