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International Indian Public School, Riyadh

Any learning is the result of some form of experience. If this experience is being accompanied by joy and happiness, the learning has more chance of retention. If the experience is painful, we tend and want to forget it soon. An experience is nothing but a form of activity on our part either bringing negative or positive emotions. This activity could be a mental activity or a physical activity or both. But it must bring joy in the learning activity to be accepted and retained. Theses activities include exploration, experimentation and revision. IIPS takes this into consideration and therefore has introduced the facility of laboratory for mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology.

Mathematics Laboratory

Exploration is the key for progress and innovation. A child does not know that the area of a rectangle is length time’s breadth. But, when he/she works with various rectangles looking for relationships between length, breadth and area, he/she discovers that relationship. This discovery brings in great joy, self confidence and feeling of worth which are the key ingredients for a better life. There are some areas which the child has to experiment and learn. This activity confirms what the child has heard from others and it brings joy for he/she succeeded in verifying the fact. The child experiences it, visually and kinesthetically and enjoys it. This learning also has lasting effect.

These activities could be mental such as solving problems , working on worksheets of problems, drawing plans for solving problems or other paper pen-activities- folding paper, constructing models, acting out situations, drawing plans, using mathematical instruments such as compasses, ruler, dividers, set squares etc. , using calculators, using measuring cans to measure liters, milliliters etc. using graph paper for many activities. The students are made to work individually or in small groups of two, three or four together.

Chemistry Laboratory

We have a well equipped chemistry laboratory, which caters to the needs of our students. Students are encouraged to do the experiments on their own under the supervision of the concerned teachers from a very young age. They are tuned to cultivate scientific temper. Keeping this in mind, students from class seven upwards are made to perform experiments in the laboratory.Instruments like PH meter and centrifuging machine are available to the students of higher classes. The glassware’s we use are of superior quality. We use burettes and pipettes which are ‘A’ grade.

Physics Laboratory

he quest for finding the experimental proof for the theories studied in the class rooms is satiated in the physics laboratory. Students from grade VI to XII are doing their experiments in the lab. The laboratory is well equipped with brand new apparatus of superior quality. Many of the sophisticated instruments like traveling microscopes; Searle’s apparatus etc are available in our laboratory.Students of grades XI and XII are having two periods of physics practical every week. Lower grades are having one period of physics practical every week. Our students enjoy their experiments in the laboratory.

Biology Laboratory

The study of science involves much more than just the gaining theoretical knowledge or accumulation of facts and principles. Practical work is essential in enabling students to gain first hand experience of phenomena. It estimates curiosity and interest in the subject, helping to develop enquiring minds that want to explore more, offering challenges to existing beliefs.At IIPS, a well equipped Biology laboratory is available to the students. The school fosters a science curriculum based on activities and experiments. Practical work is done once a week of 40minutes duration under the strict supervision of the teacher. Microscopes, specimens of animals and plants, permanent slides of micro-organisms, animal and plant tissues, and other laboratory materials make the work interesting and stimulating. The skills of a good scientist’s viz. -planning investigations and selecting appropriate apparatus, careful observation and measurement, accurate reading and clear display of results, drawing logical conclusions are developed through these laboratory activities.

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