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International Indian Public School, Riyadh

Republic Day Celebration Middle, Secondary, Senior Secondary Grades- Girls Section (2018-2019)

Republic Day Celebration

Middle, Secondary, Senior Secondary Grades- Girls Section


The Fervor of Freedom, 26th January. The 70th Republic Day of our country was celebrated with pride and patriotism at IIPSR on 24th January 2019. The festivities commenced on an intellectual note. Speeches on the significance of the occasion were given by the new Principal of our school Mr. Mohammad Imran, the Chairperson Dr.Shaikh Abdullah and the members of the Managing Committee,these speeches reverberated everyone with the feelings of patriotism. The speeches exhorted us to maintain the dignity of being a citizen of a republic.          The entire school courtyard was resplendent in the shades of tricolour.

Around 96 students from the Girl’s section participated in different events. A spectacular dance performance by the students of grade IV stole the hearts of everyone. The power and energy exhibited by the youngsters was be filling to the occasion and arced their commitment and dedication. This was followed by speeches in English and Hindi by the students of grade VIII the speakers underlined that it is very important to realize the honour, integrity, dignity and uniqueness of our nation.

A wonderful patriotic dance performance, this time by the students of grade V adorned the occasion. The enthusiasm of the students had no end. The students of grade VII enacted a skit to portray the struggle of the people of India in the era of achieving independence for the country. The students of grade VI displayed the rights and duties of the Indian citizens and created awareness about the same.     The students moved to their classes to start a stress free day, savoring the sweets that were distributed on the occasion.

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