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International Indian Public School, Riyadh

Republic Day Celebration Middle, Secondary, Senior Secondary Grades- Boys Section (2018-19)


Middle, Secondary, Senior Secondary Grades- Boys Section

The  Republic  Day  of  India  holds  a  significant  place  in  our  democracy. We  celebrate  Republic  Day,  as  it  is  the  day  when  India’s  Constitution came into effect and India became an Independent Republic.

International Indian Public School, Riyadh celebrated the Republic Day on the  24  January  2019  to  evoke  a  sense  of  pride  and  patriotism  for  our mother country.Principal Mohammad Imran, the Managing Committee Chairman Dr.Shaikh Abdullah  and  the  Director  Admin  Mr.Senthil  Prasad  were  present  on  the auspicious occasion.

The  programme  began  with  the  recitation  of  the Holy  Quran  followed  by the translation.Speaking  on  this  occasion,  Principal  Mohammed  Imran  focused  on  the importance  of  the  day  and  also  extended the best  wishes  on  this  memorable day.Dr.Shaikh   Abdullah,   Chairman-Managing   Committee   delivered   a   speech on this occasion by outlining the history of constitution making.Mr.Senthil  Prasad,  Director  Admin  also  shared  his  valuable  thoughts  and wishes on this occasion.

Around 49 students from the Boy’s section participated in different events.The series of Cultural Programmes presented on this day marked the true spirit  of  patriotism,  unity  and  integrity  of  our  nation.  A  presentation  on Unity  and  Diversity,  A  dance  Mash-up  of  the  well- known  patriotic  songs and   a   Documentary   on   the   Constitution   making   were   the   events, presented.

“The   Documentary   on   the   Constitution   Making”   was   the   center   of attraction,  as  it  presented   A revival  of  the  phenomenal  day  by  displaying the  important  debates,  discussions  and  speeches  of  all  the  important leaders  involved  in  the  Constitution  making. The programme  was  greatly applauded  and  appreciated  by  everyone.  It  had  truly  made  the  audience   re-live  the  phenomenal  and  historic  moments  of  Indian  Constitution making .Thus  the  programme  concluded  with  an  everlasting  nostalgic  spirit  of patriotism.

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