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Report:Children’s Day_Primary Grades(2017-18)

Children’s Day: (PRIMARY GRADES I-III)

Tuesday 14 November was celebrated as Children’s Day on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India. The day was celebrated to pay tribute to the legendary freedom fighter for his long struggle to achieve independence. Chacha Nehru was extremely fond of young children. It is due to his love and passion that this day is marked as Children’s Day.
Teachers have organized different cultural programs and events in Primary Grades. The best part of about Children’s Day is that the students do not wear their regular uniform to school. Instead, they put on colourful and best dresses. Teachers disguise themselves as children and presented singing and dancing performances.

The Agenda of the programme was as follows:

The programme started with an impressive speeches made by our Principal Mr. K.M. Abdul Azeez and Director of Academics, Mr. Navaz Abdul Rasheed. Patriotic songs and dances were performed by our teachers of Primary Grades. The following performances were given by our teachers.
1. Hip Hop Song with Indian Beat – by Grade-I teachers.
2. Pop Song by Indian Beat – by Grade-II teachers.
3. Old Spice Theme Song – by Grade-III teachers.
4. Group Dance by all the Primary teachers.
Children’s Day is all about respecting and honoring children who are considered to be the future leaders of the nation. The students were overwhelmed with the entire efforts. They cheered their teachers on the stage, they sang along and they applauded at their teachers performances.

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