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Reminder Circular: Brown Day Celebration for Nursery (2017-18)


25 January 2018

Re:Brown Day Celebration for students of Nursery

Dear parents,

The students of Nursery have learnt the colour Brown. To mark this milestone, we will be celebrating Wednesday, 31 January 2018 as‘Brown Day’.

Parents are requested to send the children dressed in Brown. Please send some brown colored snacks / fruit / drink etc. too, to share with his/her friends.

Show – n – Tell Activity:

As a part of the Reading Readiness Activities, students were taught about potato, chikoo and kiwi in the class. To reinforce the concepts taught in the class, parents are requested to send a potato (uncut) / chickoo or kiwi on the Brown Day, for the Show-n-tell activity.

We are sending the notice well in advance, so that you can make appropriate arrangements for the dress and snacks, over the weekend.

We look forward to your support and cooperation.

Best regards, 

K. M. Abdul Azeez


Click here to download the Circular

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