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International Indian Public School, Riyadh

We at IIPS aim at not just imparting education but try our best to inculcate the values that make children good citizens. We believe in imparting an education which not only makes our students adept in making a living but also teach them how to live. Our core values are clearly stated in our school motto, Intelligence, Integrity, Perseverance and Success.

The generations of students passing out from this school are destined to become Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Lawyers, and Leaders of tomorrow. The education they get here is imperative to mould them into who they become. What one does with his gray matter will determine his future, and so IIPS aims at making the students recognize their true potential. It gives them vistas to show their excellence and motivates them to achieve better and applauds all of their achievements.

B.F. Skinner said: Education is what survives when what has been learnt has been forgotten. Hence we believe in not just teaching but awakening the thirst of knowledge in our students; to ask, to explore, to reason and to be logical and analytical and have a rational intellect.

I am proud to be a part of a team where I get total support from the Managing Committee members, parents, officials of the school, staff and students. I wish the school grows from strength to strength.

K.M. Abdul Azeez M.A; B.Ed; DCS