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Our Food Habits: GRADE-II Activity Report (2017-18)

Our Food Habits: (GRADE-II)

                       Time and again studies have suggested that visual memory is better perceived, interpreted and retained for a much longer period of time. Hence, learning through activities provides the children with a fun filled and deeper rooted understanding of the concepts being taught. Thus, on the 23rd of October an effort was made to achieve the same by conducting and activity on the lesson “Our Food Habits” which consist of different type of food. Each section of Grade II was allotted with one type of food. The children and the teacher had put up stall which consist of different type of food from each section. The children from each section had explained about the food present in their stalls. Children enjoy the food they bought from their respective houses. The children were enthralled by the activity and it turned out to be a great success.

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