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International Indian Public School, Riyadh

Green Day Celebration 2017-2018

Green Day :-The Colour of Prosperity Harmony.


Green day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in Nursery and LKG wing on 25 October 2017. Children and teachers came to school dressed up in pretty green outfits and looked stunning. Children were introduced various shades of green such as acqua green, olive green, bottle green, parrot green etc. The play area and classrooms were beautifully decorated in green theme.

Kids were taught identification and recognition of green fruits, vegetables and trees. Classrooms and passages were decorated with streamers, balloons and green objects. Show and tell activity was conducted in playground were children brought one green object from home and spoke about it. Our Principal Mr Abdul AzIz, Vice Principal Mrs Shabana Parveen and Supervisor Mrs Raafia Tahmeen  complimented kids and conveyed the messages about the advantages of trees and we should plant more and more plants. Children sang few rhymes like “There was a girl who had a bird and GREEN was her name o…….etc”.

It was an attractive session and a memorable day for the kids.


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