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International Indian Public School, Riyadh

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration for Primary Grades 2017-2018

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations 

GJPrimary (6)

Gandhi Jayanti is a National festival in India.  The Primary section celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The day was dedicated as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

A special assembly presented by Grade I, II, III students. The participants were dressed up in white traditional dresses to symbolize peace as his main principles. A special treat was the little children impersonating BAPU who touched everyone’s heart.

Gandhiji was portrayed as the matchless political leader who led the nation to freedom. His favorite devotional songs were played, the morals depicted by the three wise monkeys were shared amongst the students to inspire them to speak no Evil, hear no Evil, and See no Evil.

The performances were as follows:

Indian Freedom fighters portrayal and dance performed by Grade-I.

Emotional display and a group dance performed by Grade-II.

Patriotic Action Song performed by Grade- III.

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