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International Indian Public School, Riyadh

The school, as an institution, does not conduct examinations for children up to Grade V. However, class tests are conducted regularly in order to assess and mark the progress of each student. An average is drawn up and reflected in the report card, in the form of grades obtained.

Grades I – V will have 2 (Two) Semesters.

Three (3) class tests + an internal assessment will be conducted in each semester

Grading System for Nursery to Grade V
A+ Outstanding (90% to 100%)
A Excellent (75% to 89%)
B Very Good (56% to 74%)
C Good (35% to 55%)
D Needs Improvement (Less than 35%)
  • The students of Grades VI – XII, will also have Two Semesters.
  • For Grades VI – X, Formative Assessment will be done periodically.
  • For Grades XI and XII, Internal Assessment will be done periodically.
  • From Grade VI upward, the student’s cumulative performance will be stated in the report cards.
  • Ranks will not be granted for Grades VI – XI; instead, grades will be awarded to students as given below:
Grading System for Grade VI to Grade XII
Marks Range Scholastic A Grade Scholastic B Grade
91 – 100 A1 A+
81 – 90 A2 A
71 – 80 B1 B+
61 – 70 B2 B
51 – 60 C1 C
41 – 50 C2
33 – 40 D
21 – 32 E1
00-20 E2

The pass percentage in each subject is 33. The student must maintain this percentage in his/her aggregate marks, in order to be promoted.

Students of Grades VI to XI must pass in all subjects to gain promotion from one grade to another. If a child fails in two subjects, scoring an aggregate of 30%, he/she may be considered for promotion by writing a supplementary examination.

A seven point rating scale will be followed for grades XI & XII.

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