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Circular:Spelling Bee Competition for students of Grades IV and V(2018-19)



21 October 2018                                                                                     Circular No.: IIPS/Cir/18-19/115

Spelling Bee Competition for students of Grades IV and V

Preliminary & Semifinals on 05 November 2018 & Finals on 08 November 2018

Dear Parents,

Spelling Bee is an oral competition, wherein each student is asked to spell a set of words from the list which has been sent with your child. The child will be given 30 seconds to spell each word.

Please be informed that the Spelling Bee Competition for the students of Grades IV & V is scheduled as under:

  • The First (Preliminary) round & Second (Semifinal) round on Monday,                             05 November 20185 words for preliminary round and 7 words for semifinal round will be asked from the given list.
  • The Final round: The finalists will be asked 8 words, wherein 5 will be from the list, and  3 will be new words (not from the given list, but according to their respective grade level).

The finals will be held on Thursday, 08 November 2018

We hope your child has been learning to spell the words orally.


Best Regards,

Dr.Khalid Ahmad Khan

Principal In-charge

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