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Circular:Saudi National Day for S.C.C, Kindergarten & Grades I to XII


13 September 2018                                                                        Circular No.: IIPS/Cir/18-19/084

Saudi National Day for S.C.C, Kindergarten & Grades I to XII

Dear Parents,

Saudi National Day is a day of Unity and Recognition in taking pride to be a part of Saudi’s heritage, history and culture. As a tribute to our host country, we shall be celebrating Saudi National Day in S.C.CKindergarten and Grades I to XII on Monday, 24 September 2018 during the school hours.

To create the right mood and ambience the students of S.C.CKindergarten and Grades I to V may come in Saudi Traditional dress i.e. boys dressed in ‘Thobe’, and the girls in long dresses or Abaya.

A special assembly will be conducted for the said Grades to commemorate the occasion.

Regular classes after the special assembly, and assessments (if any) scheduled for the day, will also be conducted.

Note: Please be informed that the Art and Craft Exhibition for the students of S.C.C., Kindergarten and Grades I to XII has been rescheduled to Monday, 24 September 2018 and the same will be conducted during school hours.

Best regards,

Dr.Khalid Ahmad Khan

Principal In-charge

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