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Circular:Introduction of Capital letter ‘H’ and Small letter ‘h’ for the students of LKG 2018-19

Dear Ma’am,

Please find below Show-n-tell for LKG and needs to upload on the school website.



04 October 2018

Introduction of Capital letter ‘H’ and Small letter ‘h’ for the students of LKG

Dear Parents,

We will be introducing Capital letter ‘H’ and Small letter ‘h’ in the class next week. You are requested to send a special toy, book, picture or object, something related to the letter for the Show-n-tell activity, with your child, to show the other children and talk about it, on Sunday, 07 October 2018.

Kindly help your child describe what he/she is bringing to class, (e.g., what it is, how it works, where he/she got it from, etc.). Practice at home using complete sentences, so that your child will feel comfortable telling about his/her special items.

We look forward to your support.


Dr.Khalid Ahmad Khan

Principal In-charge

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