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Circular:Hindi Essay Writing Competition for students of Grade VI & VII(2018-19)



21 October 2018                                                        Circular No.: IIPS/ Cir/18-19/114

Hindi Essay Writing Competition for students of Grade VI & VII

Dear Parents,

Please be informed that we have scheduled the Hindi Essay Writing Competition for the students of Grades VI and VII on Thursday, 08 November 2018.

The students will be given any ONE of the following two topics, but they must prepare both.

Grade VI

  1. समय अमूल्य है
  2. मेरा प्यारा देश भारत

Grade VII

  1. भारत में शिक्षा का प्रसार
  2. सादा जीवन उच्च विचार


Students will write the essay in about 150 words on the given topic. The criteria for assessing the entries are:


  1. Content                                                       3. Creativity
  2. Vocabulary / Language                                      4. Presentation


The duration of the competition will be 1 (one) hour and it will be conducted during the school hours.

We are giving the topics in advance so that the students may prepare for the given topics. They will not be allowed to copy from any prepared material.



Dr.Khalid Ahmad Khan

Principal In-charge


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