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Circular:General Knowledge Quiz for the students of Grade II


08 November 2017                                                                      Circular No.: IIPS/Cir/17-18/191

Re.: General Knowledge Quiz for the students of Grade II

Dear Parents,

We would like to inform you that G.K. Quiz for the students of Grade II is scheduled on Monday, 27 November 2017.

The questions asked will be from EVS, English, Math, Computer, General Knowledge syllabus, current affairs and general questions of their level.


EVS                            : Lesson 6, 14, 26

English                      : Singular / Plural, Genders (II Term), Proper Noun / Common Noun

Maths                         : Multiplication, Shapes, Fractions.

Computer Sc.           : Ch 2 – Parts of a computer, Ch 6 – More about the Mouse

G.K.                               : Pages 4,5,7,10,11,12,13,24,25,28,29,31,35,41,42,44,45,47,48,50,51,52,58,59,60)

Please note:

¨      Four options will be given for each question.

¨      The students are expected to circle the correct answer only.

¨      The answer will be invalid if more than one option is circled.

¨      Each question carries one (1) mark.

Best regards,

K.M.Abdul Azeez


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