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Circular: Timetable and Portion for IV Unit Test (II Term) Grade II 2018 – 2019


Grade II

Timetable and Portion for IV Unit Test (II Term) 2018 – 2019

Time Table:

Date Day Subject
27/01/19 Sunday E.V.S
28/01/19 Monday English
29/01/19 Tuesday Hindi
30/01/19 Wednesday Mathematics

English:           C.BL-7 – Rip Van Winkle.    (Make Sentences & Q/A from N.B only)                    

Grammar: Adverbs, Preposition, Genders (II Term).


Mathematics: 1. Word Problems

  1. Multiplication with carrying
  2. Short Division (Including fill ups of divisions)


EVS:                Unit – 2: Lesson – 4 Our food habits

Lesson – 7 Health is Wealth       {NB, CB and Including diagrams from NB}

Unit – 4: Lesson – 17  Safety Rules


Hindi:              L. No: 8 करनी का फल (Q and A, Fill in the blanks, Opposites, Synonyms and Make Sentence)

Grammar: लिंग



Class Teacher

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