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Circular: Vaccination for students of Grade I 2018-19


25 February 2019                                                                              Circular No.: IIPS/Cir/18-19/223

Vaccination for students of Grade I

Dear Parents,

Please be informed that as per the obligation received from the MoH., below mentioned vaccinations should be given to the students of Grade I. During school hours the students will be taken to the nearby Primary Health Care Centre(MoH) for the vaccinations.

The Vaccinations for Grade I is as follows:

Booster Dose of MMR, DPT & Oral Polio vaccine.

Further details will be intimated later.

You are requested to fill in the form given below, and send it to the respective class teacher by Tuesday, 26 February 2019 without fail.

Looking forward to your prompt response.

Best Regards,


Mohammad Imran



Details of Vaccination given


Dear Teacher,


My child was administered with MMR, DPT, OPV on ____________________________________ (please mention the date)

(Enclose the copy of the vaccination card- Mandatory)

Child’s name: _______________________________ Grade & Sec: ___________

Age as on 01 February 2019: __________________________

I have been informed about the said vaccine.

Please mention if you would like to send your ward to the Primary Health Care Centre(MoH) hospital to receive the aforementioned vaccine:

Yes                                          No




________________________                                                                         _____________

Parent’s Signature                                                                                          Date


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