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Circular: Re.: Card Making Competition for students of UKG


12 December 2018                                                            Circular No.: IIPS/ Cir/18-19/177

Re.: Card Making Competition for students of UKG

Dear Parents,

Please note that the Card Making Competition for the students of UKG has been scheduled on Monday, 21 January 2019. For the competition, students will be given a blank, White coloured card (A4 size – folded in half) in the class. They will be expected to draw, cut, paste, colour, paint etc., on the card, to make it bright and colourful.

The criteria for assessing the entries are as follows:

  1. Creativity (Imagination)
  2. Colour combination
  3. Use of space
  4. Materials used and execution
  5. Neatness and presentation

Please send your child properly equipped with the art material (pencil colours, glitter pens, paint or any other objects/material for decoration) that the child will require to make the card.

Do ensure that all the cut and paste material sent is in its unfinished state. Please train your child to do the needful.

Please do not send cut/paste designs or objects that the child can just paste on the card during the competition.


Note: Glitter glue is not allowed as it doesn’t dry and smudges the work.

The duration of the competition will be 1 (one) hour and it will be conducted during the school hours.


Please ensure that you give ample practice to your ward for the aforesaid competition during the Winter Break.

Best regards,
Dr.Khalid Ahmad Khan

Principal In-charge

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