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Circular on Siblings Discount


17 May 2017                                                                                                       Circular No: IIPS/Cir/17-18/067

Re: Siblings discount

Dear Parents,

This is with reference to the school Circular No: IIPS/Cir/17-18/006 dated           02 April 2017.

Recently we have been requested by some parents to consider re- instating the sibling discounts as applicable earlier.

The Management Committee has taken the parents request with earnest intent and deliberated on this matter in multiple meetings and discussions. However, the Management Committee is unable tore-instate the siblings discount as applicable earlier, due to the budgetary constraints on the School’s financials for the current academic year.

In this connection, we would like to inform all the parents that, the School is unable to re-instate the earlier siblings’ discount. Hence, the siblings discount for the Academic Year 2017-2018 will be as advised vide Circular No IIPS/Cir/17-18/006 dated 02 April 2017 i.e. limited to S.R.50/- per month for any number of siblings.

In order to develop the school further and continue providing good facilities and services for your child, the school has had no choice but to limit the siblings’ discount.

We kindly request you to pay your ward’s First Term Tuition Fees at the earliest. Please be informed that, the fee collection dates (without fine) has been extended for two weeks up to Wednesday, 31 May 2017.


Best regards,

K M Abdul Azeez


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