Special Care Centre,IIPS, Riyadh
Assessing your own child

Following Symptoms of the child demands immediate attention of the parent to seek support services

  • Slow rate of development since birth in all areas.
  • Discrepancy between physical and mental age.
  • Delayed speech and language (expressive and receptive).
  • Delayed in motor activities.
  • Poor coordination of body parts.
  • Delayed attention.
  • Have trouble thinking logically.
  • Have trouble solving problem.
  • Have trouble seeing the consequences of their actions.
  • Have trouble understanding social rules.
  • Find it hard to remember things.
  • Delay in understanding instructions.
  • Poor in self help skills such as dressing, bathing, grooming etc.
  • Indifferent facial expressions.
  • Poor social interaction.
  • History of delayed milestones.
  • Poor school/academic performance with repeated failures at school.
  • Difficulties in managing money.
  • Poor in time concept.
  • Associated features like behavior disorders, fits, sensory impairments such as Visual and Hearing Impairments.

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