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Activity Report : Exams Resource and Career Management Program (2018-19)

Exams Resource and Career Management Program

On 18 February 2019, an interactive seminar on ‘Examination Resource Management and Career Guidance’ was organized for the students of Grade X and XII by Qari Imran Khan, a well-known and renowned educational counsellor and trainer. Welcome address was given by Principal, Mr. Mohammad Imran, where he talked about the relevance of such seminar at this stage for Secondary and Senior Secondary students. Qari Imran has been involved in the training of students and staff at educational institutions, corporate and governmental organizations for over two decades. His areas of expertise include career guidance, counselling and teacher empowerment.

The seminar aimed at making the students develop a positive mental attitude towards life and exams. It focused on teaching students how to deal with stress during tests/exams as many students experience anxiety while taking exams/tests which results in poor performance that does not reflect their true knowledge and ability.

The seminar also aimed at educating students who become overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions, on how to manage their thoughts and feelings before exams. It guided the students on how to prepare effectively for the board exams and choose their career wisely.

Moreover, Qari Imran highlighted the significance of moral values, good ethics and virtuous character in a person’s life as they are the real benchmark of success. He also emphasized the importance of ‘Getting to know oneself as a learner’ is the first step towards achieving success.

It was an interactive session with the students actively participating and raising questions. The resource person gave valuable tips and the students were elated at having been provided with a platform to discuss their queries.

The seminar was received positively as it provided a heightened sense of aspiration and self-belief in the students and promoted a positive attitude towards learning and examination.

The seminar concluded on an inspirational note.


Saba Sayyed

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