International Indian Public School, Riyadh

Academic Year 2019-2020: Orientation Program held for Grade X and XII


The new academic Year for the Grades X & XII, started on 10 March 2019 with a new zeal and zest.
An orientation programme to welcome, inform and educate the students was successfully organized by
the senior faculty members.

The orientation programme was organised for the Grades X and XII, on 10th and 12thMarch 2019, for
Girls and Boys sections respectively. The programme began with a welcome speech by the
Principal, Mohammad Imran, who congratulated the toppers of the Grades IX and XI Gulf Sahodaya
Examination, on their exemplary achievement and also urged them to escalate the highest
accomplishments in the coming year. He also advised the students not only to excel academically but
also to become ethically and morally strong and confident individuals.

A PowerPoint presentation titled “Action Plan” presented by the senior faculty member from
Department of English, Mrs.Sameena Hussain, provided a systematic planning, execution and evaluation
techniques for the successful accomplishment of Grade X and XII. It dealt with the mission, goals,
strategies, and objectives which the students should chalk-down to achieve desirable results in their
studies. The presentation with motivational interaction clubbed with two inspirational videos, not only
proved useful to the students but also highly appreciated by the teachers and students alike.

Another powerful presentation was delivered by the Supervisor of Grades XI and XII, Mrs.Shameem,
which highlighted the essential virtues for success, hardwork, focus and struggle. The presentation was
highly inspirational and informative with the good use of media, involving three interesting stories
emphasizing the values of these virtues. Mrs.Shameem also presented the curriculum, pattern of
examination and evaluation for both the grades X and XII. The presentation was immensely effective
and retained the momentum of the session.

Dr.Khalid, Supervisor of Boys Section for Grades VIII-X also spoke on this occasion. He advised and
encouraged the students to identify their potentials as human beings – the Supreme Creation of the
Almighty and work to achieve their aims in life.

Head of Department of Science & senior faculty member Dr.Haseen Banu also shared her thoughts to
motivate and advise the students for overall development.

Mrs.Rouqayya Subhani, senior teacher from Department of Arabic also delivered an enlightening and
inspirational speech. It focused on inculcating good values and virtues.

Mrs.Shakkila Wahab, a senior faculty member also addressed the students. She advised the students to
be good citizens first and then to grow up as an individual in any field of their interest.

Mr.Santhosh, an experienced faculty member from Department of Social Science, was also among the
key speakers in the Boys Section Orientation Programme. He urged the students to follow the discipline
& decorum of the school and be a role model to other students.

Mrs.Yasmeen Sajida, a senior faculty member from Department of Mathematics, presented a wonderful
motivational speech on this occasion. She inspired and encouraged the students to be positive in their
approach and try to give their best, this year.

The programme concluded with Mrs.Ligy & Mrs.Fairooz, congratulating all the teachers for the
stupendous and exemplary orientation programme, on 10 & 12 March respectively.

The programme was highly appreciated by the students as well as teachers, as an initiative to educate,
direct and train the students to tap their highest potentials. Overall, it was a grand success.

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