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Swimming is an essential element for developing overall fitness. It helps in giving strength to our body and mind. It is also a very good cardiovascular activity as well as an important life-saving skill which every individual must learn. It helps in regulating and channelizing the excess amount of energy in our day to day life.

Our school provides the facility and opportunity to learn swimming. It is one of the most important and necessary feature of our school programs. Our school also conducts inter-class swimming competitions in order to encourage the students to develop the competitive skills and spirit of sportsmanship. In our school we teach the basic techniques and all the four strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly). This helps in developing the basic skills of endurance, strength and speed and various other swimming drills too.

We provide these programs for the kindergarten and for the students with special needs as well. It is designed in a very playful manner to keep up their interest and to motivate our tiny tots.

Our school also has programs which extend the facility of providing extra swimming classes by organizing evening swimming classes and summer swimming camps in the school premises.

We have trained and qualified swimming coaches to impart swimming training for the smooth operation and for proper safety guidance during these programs to our students. Round the clock safety of the students and the maintenance of the pool at all levels is the main focus of our school.

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