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Any learning is the result of some form of experience. If this experience is being accompanied by joy and happiness, the learning has more chance of retention. If the experience is painful, we tend and want to forget it soon. An experience is nothing but a form of activity on our part either bringing negative or positive emotions. This activity could be a mental activity or a physical activity or both. But it must bring joy in the learning activity to be accepted and retained. Theses activities include exploration, experimentation and revision. IIPS takes this into consideration and therefore has introduced the facility of laboratory for mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology.

It is made compulsory for all the students from 1st grade to 12th grade to have physical education. The physical education program for the grades I to XII has the following common divisions –

Games – This is to prepare the children to take part in various competitions, make them healthy and develop their physical conditions as well as to give them the enjoyment. These also provide knowledge of various games to the students. These games again depend on the various grades like for the lower grades there are games as posting the letter, cat and mouse, musical chair, dog and the bone, different types of relay races, different types of simple ball games and lots more. The games from grades IV are cricket, throw ball, badminton, football, basketball, dodge ball, kho-kho etc.

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