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International Indian Public School, Riyadh

IIPS is equipped with a gymnasium where students are taught exercises according to their physical condition. Work outs in gymnasium are compulsory for the students of Grade I through Grade IV. Programme is scheduled with particular stress on the following three factors as

Warming up exercises – First 10 minutes will be compulsory for all the children to do warming up exercises from head to toe.

General development exercises – Exercises like running and jogging, stretching exercises, endurance exercises and ball throwing exercises.

Skill of Gymnasium – There are floor exercises like the forward roll , side roll rocking , back roll, head stand, hand stand, cart wheel, dive roll, round off etc. The vaulting includes jumping on the board, running and jumping, jump on and off, through vault, stoop vault, split vault, slipping roll.

These exercises would be put in the ratio of 2:3:5 respectively. These three factors would mold the student’s bodies to turn and twist accordingly to the situation of the performance and be fit to bear the strain. These also help the students to know the fundamentals of the games.

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