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Admission Process

International Indian Public School, Riyadh

In IIPS, the following are the Admission and Withdrawal guidelines:

  1. Being an English Medium School, admission will be granted to a student who has been studying through any other medium, only if his/her knowledge of English is found to be satisfactory.
  2. Admissions are open to Indian citizens subject to the availability of seats in the classes. Admission for the new academic year shall ordinarily be granted within one month of the opening of the school. The Principal, however, may allow admission under special circumstances at his discretion.
  3. For admission to Nursery, the child should be 2 ½ years of age, and for LKG, the child should be 3 years of age as on 31st March of that academic year. No child less than 5 years of age on 31st March of the academic year will be admitted to Grade I.
  4. Entrance test for new admissions is conducted as follows:
    • All grades from UKG to Grade VIII has to appear for a test in English, Mathematics, Hindi (II Language) and III Language (Urdu, Arabic, Malayalam, French or Marathi) from the preceding class syllabus.
    • For Grade IX – XI, students will have to appear for English, Maths and General Science, from the preceding class syllabus (CBSE syllabus).
    • Grade IX & X: II Language (Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Malayalam or French) from the preceding class syllabus.
  5. For fresh admission to any grade, copy of the Birth Certificate from a competent authority, a copy of the child’s passport and parent’s and child’s iqama copy, should be enclosed with the admission form. Students coming from other schools shall submit the original Transfer Certificate (Grade II onwards) issued by the previous recognized school along with other documents as required by the school.
  6. Students joining the school in the middle of the semester will have to pay the full trimester fees. Fee paid for the trimester will not be refunded.
  7. Notice of withdrawal of the student from the school any time after admission, must be given in writing by the parent/guardian at least a week earlier stating the reason for the withdrawal.
  8. A Transfer Certificate or any other certificate/report card will be issued only if all the school dues have been cleared and any items taken on loan have been returned.
  9. Tuition fee is payable for the whole year even if a student does not attend school for any semester or part thereof.

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